The story behind the book from Lily Kang (ND '16):

"Freshman year, in many ways, sets the tone for the rest of our undergraduate careers. As a graduating senior this past spring, I was looking for an opportunity to share the lessons that I had learned from the bittersweet journey of college. I knew some freshmen, especially those who were just as motivated yet lost as I was, would find my words relatable, comforting, and helpful. From my own experience, I found the style of writing letters to my younger self both an effective way to reflect and a sensitive approach to share my honest advice with others. The book's goal is to share journeys and wisdom of a diverse group of Domers and pass along their deeply personal and authentic reflections to the current students. In its essence, the book is an anthology of Domer's personal stories that help freshmen make the most of their four years and feel more connected to Our Lady's University through the wisdom of their predecessors. The book was published in June 2016 and has become part of the team's ongoing collaboration with the First Year of Studies. Furthermore, we will start running a regularly updated blog featuring new letters to both keep freshmen students engaged in their personal growth and share Domers' stories with an extended audience."

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