We are eager to hear from you...

Your letters can be joyful, reminiscent, reflective, serious, or humorous.  We encourage specific and personal stories. Unique stories detailing impactful moments of your undergraduate career will help your letter to stand out and be memorable.  

Here are some guidance for your submission:

Submission Deadline: Submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis until mid-April
Suggested Word Count: 500-1000
Topic:  Anything of your choice. Feel free to consider topics related to personal growth, challenging experiences, academic learning, professional development, spirituality, social life, sports, and aspirations. 
Format: Word Document 
Style: A letter addressed to yourself (in the traditional sense)
File Name: Please use the naming convention "Last Name_First Name_Graduation Year"  
Confidentiality: If you would like to stay anonymous, please title the document "Anonymous" and submit it without filling out the form that asks for your personal information. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The editorial board will carefully review your letter once it is submitted. We may get back to you with editorial suggestions. You will hear back from us before the end of April, 2016.  (Note: If you choose to be anonymous, we will not have a way to contact you.)